Steel Fixing

Steel fixing is the process of shaping, fitting and positioning steel bars or mesh structures in construction projects. The steel serves as reinforcement to avoid weakening the overall strength of structures. Determining where to place the steel bars or mesh properly requires reviewing engineering drawings to best determine what materials and spacing processes to use.

A steel fixer strengthens buildings and other large structures by using steel bars and mesh in reinforced concrete. They cut, shape and fit the steel bars into the concrete, and they may clip, weld or wire structural steel materials into place properly. Steel fixers typically work in commercial and industrial sectors of the building industry on construction sites, but they may also work in pre-cast concrete plants. They work on small and large construction projects, such as:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Houses
  • Schools

While exact responsibilities may vary, some tasks a steel fixer may perform include:

  • Building cages by tying steel reinforcement bars
  • Collaborating with engineering designers, steel erectors and other construction workers
  • Determining the required materials for a project based on the building plans
  • Fabricating steel reinforcements like footing pads, beams, or special units
  • Fitting supports, such as chairs and spacers
  • Fixing steel to concrete bases